With Pride, the legal administration for legal debt recovery process is not a drawn-out affair. 

The initial Pride legal administration process is completed within 24 hours, although the extra legal administration involved does mean that our legal debt recovery process will take a minimum of a month to complete. There are also certain cases that can take three times as long if not longer, particularly in the case of defended debts where the debtor contests some or all of what they owe.

Here is a quick rundown of defended and undefended legal debts and the timeframes involved in recovering them.

Legal Debt Recovery Timeframes

Legal Debt Recovery Timeframes

The timeframe involved in recovering a legal debt will depend on whether the debt is defended or undefended.

The recovery of an undefended legal debt is more straightforward, and you can expect Pride Legal Debt Recovery to complete legal action within one to two months. This period includes the arbitration process, where a person is appointed by the court to help resolve the issue without the need for a judge.

The timeframe of recovery for a defended legal debt is longer and can vary according to the unique circumstances of each case. You can expect a defended legal debt recovery process to take at least three months, depending on the strength of the debtor’s defence and their subsequent actions.

After The Judgement

After The Judgement Arbitration

Once the arbitration is complete or the debt has been proven, the judgement is passed by the court which instructs the debtor to repay the debt. This judgement will be enforced through Pride Legal Debt Recovery to assure swift payment of the legal debt.

After The Judgement Legal Administration

In the event that the debtor refuses to pay, then the judgement will be entered. This provides the legal administration with more tools for debt recovery such as garnishment. The judgement can then be enforced by county court bailiffs.

After The Judgement Sheriff

If the debtor continues to evade their legal responsibilities, then a Sheriff can be involved upon payment of a special fee. This process upgrades the judgement, as the Sheriff possesses greater powers than county court bailiffs, including the power of arrest.

Hire Pride Legal Debt Recovery

If you are interested in hiring Pride Legal Debt Recovery to recover a legal debt, then contact us via telephone or email. Our legal administration costs only £60 one-off payment, so find out more today.